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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012



In Lost Saga Players can customize their heroes by putting gears on them.

There are two kinds of Gears: Epic Gears and Legendary Gears

Epic Gears

Epic Gears belong to a specific hero. All heroes can equip other heroes' epic gears except for their epic weapon gear.

Number of upgrades

Every gear will have a +# on it.

This +# indicates how much of a benefit a player gets from that gear.

Each gear has a level requirement.

The Level Requirement for each gear is:
+# stats x 2

so a +5 Epic Western Wear requires:(+5 x2= 10) a level 10 hero to equip it.

The plus level of each gear effects two stats: |- |
Gear Type Stats
Weapon Attack +# and Weapon skill +#
Armor Defense +# and Armor skill +#
Helm Speed +# and Helm skill +#
Trinket Dexterity +# and Trinket skill +#

Epic Gear Catalogue

This isn't a complete list of Epic Gear. As more and more gear becomes available the list will grow.
Hero Weapon Armor Helm Trinket
LS GS1.jpg
LS GS2.jpg
LS GS3.jpg
LS GS4.jpg
LS GS5.jpg
LS GS6.jpg
LS GS7.jpg
LS GS8.jpg
LS GS9.jpg
LS GS10.jpg
LS GS11.jpg
LS GS12.jpg
LS GS13.jpg
LS GS14.jpg
LS GS15.jpg
LS GS16.jpg
LS GS17.jpg
LS GS18.jpg
LS GS19.jpg
LS GS20.jpg
LS GS21.jpg
LS GS28.jpg
LS GS23.jpg
LS GS25.jpg
LS GS26.jpg
LS GS27.jpg
LS GS29.jpg

Legendary Gear Catalogue

This isn't a complete list of Legendary. As more and more gear becomes available the list will grow.

Blue Jumpers
Gold Jumpers
Purple Jumpers
Blue Soccer Uniform
Red Soccer Uniform
Monk's Robe
Dark Monk's Robe
Fire Suit
Idol Outfit
Priest Robe
School Uniform
Servant Uniform
Tornado Robe
Succubus Armor
Alpha Armor
Santa's Outfit
Leviathan Robe
Volcano Armor
Asura Armor
Chi Master Robe

Bunny Ears
Dark Bunny Ears
Blue Psycho Helmet
Red Psycho Helmet
Angelic Halo
Golden Halo
Phoenix Circlet
Hurricane Hat
Pharoh's Crown
Priest Biretta
Pumpkin Head
Vampire Mask
Helm Of Leviathan
Succubus Horn
Volcano Helm
Fire Dragon
Rudolf Horns
Laser Goggle
Chi Master Helmet

Angelic Wings
Dark Angelic Wings
Shark Bazooka
Crazy Board
Devil Wings
Developer K's Backpack
Electric Guitar
Fire Orb
Gyro Bomber
Howling Blades
Mini Gun
Fairy Wings
Rocket Board
Alpha Boomerang
Odin's Spear
Metal Wings
Storm Blade
Talisman Of Dominance
9 Dragon Blades
Santa's Sack
Super Ball
Succubus Whip
Volcano Cape
Leviathan's Staff
T30 Megabat

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